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TreeHacks will be held at Stanford University's Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center from February 16-18, 2018. Questions? Shoot us an email at :)

What's a "hackathon"? 
A hackathon is an opportunity for you to spend 36 hours building something amazing. Teams of up to four people spend the weekend coding, designing, and building whatever strikes their fancy. We provide a place to hack, food, and mentors from dozens of awesome tech companies from all over the world. At the end of the hackathon, there's an "expo," where everyone has the chance to demo what the made over the weekend, and then a chance for everyone to get together and watch the top hacks be presented on stage. There are no limits on what you can work on, but your project has to entirely be made during the weekend to be eligible for judging.

What do I have to know to participate? 
You should be ready to come learn, code, and build! There's no prerequisite to attending a hackathon – just be ready to dive into a project and learn a ton. We'll have workshops every day during the week leading up to the event, and during it as well. Meals, swag, and prizes are all provided – all you need to bring is you and your computer. (We'll have a ton of hardware to hack on during the event too, but feel free to bring anything special you want to hack on.) Thinking about ideas before TreeHacks is a great idea, but we'll also have workshops and opportunities to help you brainstorm during the first few hours.

I'm a CS106 student. Can I come?
Absolutely!! You'll learn a ton by coming to TreeHacks and working on a project. It might be challenging sometimes but there will be tons of student mentors and professional engineers there to guide you through any problems you run into.
I can't make it for the whole event, can I still come? 
Sure, it's not critical that you're there for all 36 hours – but know that the people that get the most out of their hackathon experience spend most of the weekend hacking. You're welcome to come for whatever part of it you can make, but we'd love for you to come for enough time to really sink your teeth into something.

Do I need to bring a team? 
Teams can be between 1 - 4 people. If you already have a team in mind, great! If not, we'll have opportunities at the beginning of the event for you to meet other hackers and form teams. You can also team up with people coming from outside Stanford, though acceptances for non-Stanford students will come out later in the year. 

All Stanford students are welcome, you just have to fill out this form!

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